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  Your Health And Wellness Is Important And We Want To Provide You With The Great Benefits Our Cbd Products Offer. We Are Here For You And Want To Answer Any Of Your Questions About test test .

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What our buyers say

 From Newyork

I'm 62 years old man and I must tell you that your AIS 12.5 mg nanotechnology sublingual tablets have made such a difference in my life that I can say without reservation that  any man over 50 who does not use this  product as a daily regiment, is a dam fool! Yes that right, we all want to feel good and function well as we age but my personal experience for the last two years has been that of progressive mental & physical overall wellness! By taking 1 of the AIS 12.3 mg pure CBD sublingual tablets in the morning and then one in the evening as daily regiment I now sleep better, have a well balanced attitude, great digestive function and a greater desire to face the day and do the things that matter most. I was told that the nano sublingual tablet is the best delivery system and far more soluble than any tincture or edible methods. This means that the pure CBD is delivered at the cellular level where it can "activate" many of the important bodily systems.


 From Delaware

I never thought daily movements could be so excruciating like getting in and out of bed or bending over to help the kids with homework. I was in back pain always and was so afraid of the hard pain drugs that doctors offered as the only relief! Then a friend gave me a sample of "Extreme Green" topical gel to try. Wow! On the first application of the Extreme Green to my back I instantly felt the pain being relieved and movement becoming normal! I was so amazed that I sent a message in the customer comment section of the AIS Nutraceuticals web site telling how pleased I was with Extreme Green. I was totally amazed again when AIS responded saying that a more complete approach to complete body wellness would be to take The AIS sublingual 12.3 mg CBD tablet daily to develop a cumulative effect internally that could provide sustained improvements in over all body wellness.

Now after three weeks I feel that the one two punch of AIS Extreme Green topical CBD gel and AIS Sublingual tablets, used daily, have given me a new lease on life! People who live in pain need to try the AIS CBD products! They are life changers!



By using our patented nano-technology, our AIS CBD sublingual Tablets are up to 80% more effective than other forms of premium CBD products for health in USA. Our tablets dissolve and go directly into the bloodstream for strong, fast-acting relief.



Our patented nano-technology process, used in making our CBD Sublingual Tablets, we are able to create a water-soluble tablet to dissolve under your tongue. By dissolving under your tongue, it is avoiding your digestive tract which is responsible for breaking down some of the CBD before it reaches your bloodstream and starts being effective. These Sublingual tablets allow your body to absorb up to 80% more CBD products as opposed to something like an edible which has to travel through the digestive tract losing some of its effectiveness along the way. You won’t have to take as much CBD as you normally would for it to be effective in your body. Our Nano-technology provides you with a more accurate dosing of best CBD products for health in USA, and it also provides you with more “bang for your buck”.

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